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Efficient manuals for students: Preparing for the essay writing process

Writing is definitely a process simply because you will always be moving from one stage to another or from point to point presenting your views, facts and findings statistically or in prose. In advanced academic levels, literary composition assumes the style of prose but evidently not many students have mastered this art to its very core. If you are a student currently in college, you understand why this is a necessary evil. In as much as you will be taught how to do a term paper, most of the times, excellence will come from your own effort. The question is; do you just walk into an exam room and start writing? What about if you are doing an assignment at home? Are you supposed to partake on it without having the necessary requirements beforehand? Planning is pivotal anywhere and the fact that it is necessary when it comes to composing literary pieces cannot be ignored. You need to be endowed with the right skills to partake on the process and while some students are gifted essayists, it is something that can also be learned. In this article, we take a look at what one ought to do before commencing a writing process. Ostensibly, the points discussed hereafter would go for efficient writing manuals you must take down the memory lane.

Topic selection

Unless you have been supplied by a topic to do a composition on, this is a stage you cannot overlook. Well, as a student, there is an area you are specializing in and if say it is Chemistry, your lessons must have been systematic in which case you moved from one unit to another. Units are definitely topics and essentially, they give you an overview of what you are expecting to learn. The same goes for essay writing. At the onset, you will have a topic to write on. This should get your readers expecting. The reason being, from your topic, they can have a rough idea on what branch of chemistry, Biology or Business you want to base you discussion on.

Understanding your topic

Well, after topic selection, the next big task is to understand it well so that when you start composing something on it, you are at par with what it expected of you. In fact, this is the backbone of the process you are just about to start. Never risk writing about something you barely understand and this takes us back to the first stage. Choose a topic you are familiar with and then do some research on it.

Planning your essay

Literary compositions can be moving or boring. This relies on how well it has been crafted. However, it can be quite hard to do something inspiring without having a plan in place for it. In the planning stage, make sure you have every material necessary such as writing materials. This should also include knowing the type of write you are about to do because it is through this that you will be able to present your arguments well.

Choosing your writing tone and style

Writing sometimes depends on emotions. You want to speak to your prospective readers but you don't know how? Well, it is important to do some research on writing tone because this is what makes an essay come out as informative, conversational or even entertaining. The style goes along way into how you present your points. It could be in form of point by point present and then discussion thereafter or you can decide to go for a prose kind of writing. Make a good point here.