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Creating A Brilliant Compare And Contrast Expository Essay

An expository essay is writing that gives facts and students that write this type of paper. They are required to make investigation of an idea, to set evidence, to discuss the idea by clearly and concisely supporting it with arguments. Compare and contrast is the perfect type that overlaps with expository writing.

Structure of compare and contrast expository essay

The structure of this type of writing is the same just like the structure of any other writing. What is important about its structure is:

  • Thesis statement - It contains clearly defined thesis statement that is found in the introductory paragraph. Narrow down this statement to overlap the whole idea of the writing.
  • Transitive expressions – Movement from the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion is smoothly sled by transitory expressions. They help the writing logically to progress from one thought to another. If the writer fails in this, reader will lose himself in the whole structure.
  • Evidence in the body paragraphs – Every paragraph of the body should express only one idea. That idea will give clear and direct movement throughout the essay. Even more, each paragraph of the body should relate to the thesis statement.
  • Facts, statistics and logic – It is expository writing and you should use facts, logic and statistic as supporting evidence of your thesis statement. In order to make your compare and contrast expository writing brilliant, bear in mind that you should use data and factual information. You should avoid giving opinion and your own ideas.
  • Creativity - Even though facts and data do not allow much creativity, try to be as creative as possible, in order to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the writing. It is true that you are not writing a novel, but a bit of creativity will not bother anyone. Remember that you want to impress your tutors.
  • Effective conclusion – The conclusion is as much important as it is the introduction of the writing. You should leave long lasting impression in the mind of the reader. Therefore, try to be logical and effective. Do not only restate the thesis statement, but briefly add all information presented in the writing. Bear in mind that expository writing has to be complete and logic. You should not leave doubts in your thesis.

Argumentative writing

If you think of an essay like it is a conversation you have with a classmate, you will not lose yourself in the middle of it. You will certainly have an idea how you will defend your thesis and all your facts. Well, keep that in mind and write it down.