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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s accomplishments take the definition of philanthropist to a whole new level. What makes her different in the eyes of the world is the fact that she not only helped those in need, she lowered herself to their level, lived amongst them, and showed a kind of willpower and compassion that seems superhuman. One does wonder how she managed to keep up such work for all the years of her life. When did Mother Teresa live for herself? Did she do so at all? The truth is, Mother Teresa was also an enigma for the rest of us; anything that good, pure, and wholesome is hard to understand, as we are always waiting with bated breath for it to turn out tainted.

Life And Work

The spirit of helping people was first inculcated in her by her mother, who taught her that they had a responsibility to take care of all people, whether they be strangers or relatives. The first step was that Mother Teresa promised life-long devotion to the religion. After that, she spent a long time teaching the poor youth of India. She used to pray for strength so that she could lead the children to a life devoted to Christ through tireless commitment to their education. However, it turned out she was destined for other things as she a received a sort of calling to the art of healing. After six months, she had completed her medical training and was able to venture into the slums of Calcutta, India to begin her new mission. Thus began a lifetime of aiding the sick and abandoned. From 1950 till 1970, she built an orphanage, an old home, and health clinics. She received recognition from the Pope in 1965, was rewarded the Jewel of India, and eventually won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Criticism And Controversy

Like every other topic in the world, the subject of Mother Teresa’s life and work has also been tainted with doubt. It has even been argued that she glorified poverty to meet her own needs and contributed to preserving beliefs which helped sustain it. The recent discovery that she suffered disconnection to faith for a period of time also helps fuel the controversy. However, it also makes her a much more relatable figure in the eyes of those who go through periods of doubt in their faith. Despite all such talk however, the official awarding of sainthood to Mother Teresa is set to take place later this year.