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Useful Extended Essay Guidelines for You to Consider

An extended essay is a mandatory part of the IB Diploma Programme. It’s a research work that makes up to 4,000 words. It allows students to do their own independent research on a subject that falls into the sphere of their interests. If you don’t submit this essay, you don’t get the diploma. As soon as this is an important project in your career, you need to remember several useful points about it.

Several Useful Things to Know about the Extended Essay

  • It’s a compulsory condition that the project is dedicated to a subject studied within IB. Although the work can be dedicated, for example, to a book that hasn’t been studied within the IB program, the subject should be taught under this program. This is done in order for you to have somebody who can help you in case you need help with the subject.
  • The topic you choose should be neither too narrow for the area nor too wide. It should be quite easy to compose a work that contains up to 4,000 words and the topic is one of the major factors that determine this easiness.
  • It’s recommended to choose the subject you have studied, at least, formally but it’s not a mandatory condition. What’s more, the work can’t be dedicated to several subjects at once (unless you do some world research). Exceptional cases happen only if some subjects embrace several disciplines. It can be seen on the example of Societies that do embrace chemistry, psychology, biology, etc. In such a situation, it’s recommended to choose a bias towards one of the disciplines.
  • You always have a supervisor but this assistance is merely technical. Your supervisor settles everything if you need some tools for practical research, rare information sources, and so on. Your supervisor can’t help you write the paper. In accordance with the rules, your communication during the time of writing makes about two to three hours, in general.

The Way Your Essay Is Evaluated

You need to remember that there’s a system of grades that have been invented especially for this type of papers. You need to score all As, at best. The lowest grade is E and once you score an E at any stage of your IB diploma struggle, you are turned down and can’t apply for it any more.

Keep this in mind and make sure that your work is as perfect as possible.