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How To Find Persuasive Essay Examples With Counter Arguments

Your persuasive essay writing process will be simplified by the presence of an example. It is important to find a quality example to increase your chances of producing a high quality paper. There is no guarantee that all papers available are of high quality. As such, due diligence when making the search is necessary.

  • Make a Specific Search
  • Your search should be very specific. Indicate the discipline in which your example should be based. This is necessary since the criterion for writing a paper in sciences varies from on in arts, among other disciplines. It follows that using a wrong example will mislead your writing process.

    When making the search online or in the library, specify the topic and the formatting style. A paper in, for instance, APA will appear different from one in MLA. If the teacher has indicated an APA format, using the MLA will lead to hefty penalties that will affect your grade. Your search should be as specific as possible. The assistance of your resident librarian will be crucial in securing the right example.

  • Search in the Right Places
  • There are very few places where you will find high quality persuasive essay examples. These areas include:

    • Library- they stock a variety of academic materials in different disciplines and formatting styles. Libraries are careful to maintain a good reputation and will therefore provide the best examples. They also do not charge for their services as long as you are a member or a student in the institution.
    • Your teacher- while your teacher has issued the assignment, he is willing to assist with resources that will make your writing process smooth. The teacher will also remain with you in case you need clarification.
    • Online- the internet offers an advantage of access at any time and from any location. Make a specific search or request for an example from your trusted website. You may be required to pay a fee to access the best example.
  • What to Do With the Example
  • Once you have obtained an example of your persuasive essay with counter arguments, you need to do the right thing with it. Do not copy any section because you will be accused of plagiarism. The example should also not be followed blindly. Consider the instructions given by your teacher and align the paper you are writing in line with them. The example only acts as a guide.